MigWars – Open to migLevel 1!

migwarlevel5We have received many messages from our community from people wanting to play MigWars and I’m happy to inform you all that starting tomorrow, anyone will be able to play MigWars. We’ve made some changes to the game, improved some of the game mechanics and fixed some bugs. We will continue to improve the game so please keep the feedback coming.


Fabulous February for our wonderful Merchants, Cheers!

height copyWe  are very proud of our merchant partners from around the world, for their fabulous performance in February. We would also like to put a special thanks to our merchant partners from Indonesia (Betty, Jay_jie and Vien), Zambia, Syria (night020) and Maldives (steader).  Congratulations to everyone in our merchant team for this great success! We look forward for further growth in all countries. Let’s keep it going!